Data Engineering and Infrastructure


Data Engineering and Infrastructure

Data Engineering and Infrastructure team is pivotal in architecting and managing the foundational systems that enable the collection, storage, and analysis of vast datasets. They engineer scalable, reliable, and secure data pipelines and storage solutions, facilitating seamless data flow and accessibility for analytics and business intelligence purposes. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies in big data, cloud computing, and database management, this team ensures that data infrastructure is not only robust but also optimised for performance and cost-efficiency. Their work is critical in empowering organisations to harness the full potential of their data, driving insights, innovation, and competitive advantage in an increasingly data-centric world.

Common job titles in the field of Data Engineering and Infrastructure include:
  • Data Engineer

  • ​Data Warehouse Developer

  • ​ETL Developer

  • Big Data Engineer

  • ​Data Architect

  • ​Database Administrator

  • ​Data Pipeline Developer

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