Cyber Security


Cyber Security

​Cyber Security team is dedicated to safeguarding an organisation's digital assets, ensuring the protection of data against a wide range of cyber threats. Their expertise encompasses the implementation of advanced security measures, continuous monitoring of systems for vulnerabilities, and rapid response to potential security breaches. By employing a comprehensive, multi-layered security strategy, they aim to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. The team's commitment to staying abreast of the latest cyber security trends and threats is vital for defending against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks and ensuring the resilience of the organisation's digital infrastructure.

Common job titles in the field of Cyber Security include:
  • Cyber Security Analyst

  • Penetration Tester (Junior)

  • SOC Analyst

  • Senior Cyber Security Analyst

  • Cyber Security Engineer

  • Security Systems Engineer

  • Cyber Security Risk Analyst

  • Penetration Tester (Senior)

  • Cyber Security Consultant

  • Forensic Computer Analyst

  • Ethical Hacker

  • ​Security Software Developer

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